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Hello there. I have nothing better to do right now, so I decided it was high time I did an introductory post. My name's Emilia and you can find me anywhere online under the penname/username "eiradis".  I write mainly SS/HG, and if not, usually one of them features in my fics. I have stories posted on Ashwinder, The Petualnt Poetess and I have dabbled in other fandoms, but Potterverse remains my true love for now.
Everyone is more then welcome to friend me. As an unemployed, stuck-at-home mum, my LJ friends make maybe a half of my contact with the outside world and I have discovered terrific people here in the fandom. So whoever you are, I'll probably be happy to friend you back.


Bingo Prize Picspam & Squee

I got my Bingo prize from the lovely ant talanted jayabear ! All the way from Australia! *insert overwhelmed squeeing all over the place*

I present to you The Earrings:

Earrings PicspamCollapse )

To Jayabear: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really love them and they are exactly the right colors. It really means something to me, to have something physical from fandom. Now I'm going out to show them to everyone!

Death Eater Fanvid

I don't know if you ever watched this video, apparently it's been around for a while. Youtube just suggested it to me and I went  *squee* *drool* *faint*. All the lovely Death Eaters in one place! *cackles*

Sep. 20th, 2010

I love to 'discover' new bands. Well, they might be old, but new to me.  :)I've had the following song sitting on my hard drive for more than a year; I got it from a friend's Mp3 collection and it was tagged wrong. I totally fell in love with it; it's an amazing mix of trip-hop and bossa nova vocals and I can't stop listening to it! The woman's voice is brilliant and it makes me want to learn Portuguese.  Just wanted to share with you, people.


Snape LDWS Round 2


Come over to snape_ldws for Round 2, and ensnare the senses with your favourite Potions Master! There are still several spots left, don't miss it!

Come one, come all! Ensnare the senses with Severus Snape!

All variations of Snape-love (gen, het, or slash) are encouraged and welcomed!

Sign ups have begun!

Round starts September 4th!


Exchange and stuff


I loved the exchange! I haven't participated in such a large event so far, and the experience was unique. I can't wait for next year! There were so many brilliant stories! It makes my fangirl heart happy that three years after the series is finished, this ship is still going strong. SS/HG ftw!

It turned out that my lovely gift Reading Season was written by iulia_linnea ! There were clues... tons of clues, but I wasn't really looking back then, I was too busy squeeing.I had asked for a crossover with H. P. Lovecraft, without much hope that anyone would write it. I still can't believe that I received such an awesome gift! If you haven't read it yet, go read, it's bloody amazing!

I wrote Heaven Beside You for hawthorntree . I was thrilled when she liked it, because, well... I wasn't very sure about it. One of her prompts was "Pull out that half-finished story that has been languishing on your hard drive and finish that puppy! As long as it has Snape and Granger as the main characters anything goes."  Well, that's what I did. I want to thank astopperindeath  for helping out with a last-moment beta, and our lovely mods for their patience with my pathological lateness. I should probably change my middle name to "last moment"...

Speaking of which, I managed to send my luciusbigbang  entry on time... barely. I'm quite happy with it, though it still needs a lot of work.

Re: FB and Twitter. I can see how everyone feels about it, and I'm sure this is unnecessary. Still, don't do it. There are reasons why I keep my FB and LJ accounts separate. I hope LJ fixes this soon.


Leaving for the seaside for ten days on Wednesday. This is where I'm going:

picsCollapse )

Squee! Beach, river and forest all in one place! *swoon* No clubs blasting nasty music, no gaudy hotels and hordes of tourists leaving their trash everywhere. Peace and calm, oh, how I needz it!

In addition, hubby left this morning all secrety-like, and came back a few hours later with a boat! Inflatable boat. With oars and everything. This is going to be the best vacation ever!

Of course, this means that I will fall behind on the Exchange; I really hope that the last three names I need to fill up my bingo card will show up either today or tomorrow.


In memoriam


It's been three month since one of my favourite musicians passed away at only 48 years of age. Alcohol and drugs do that to a person's heart; it doesn't make his music any less beautiful.  Every time I play his songs, I can hardly believe that they only way I'm ever going to hear this voice again is on a recording.
 I give you 'Love You to Death' by Type O Negative ;(

Ship Meme

Today my brain is not in working order, and I suspect that something large and heavy ran me over when I wasn't looking. So.... it's the perfect time for a meme! *yay!*
(stolen from rivertempest )

Ship meme:

One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
Guilty Pleasure Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
"When all is said and done" Ship:

My shipsCollapse )



no good

The hermione_smut exchange is open! Go and sign up for round four!


My exchange gift! OMG!

My gift posted, and it is the most amazing, sweetest, creepiest, funniest, bestest gift a girl could have! I asked for a crossover with H. P. Lovecraft and I didn't really think anyone would write it. Guess what-someone did! If you are into that, please check it out! It's really amazing and there are so many things I love about it that I can't finish my review yet, except for the initial *ZOMGSQUEERLY?*

Teh Owl of Doom!

People, you gotta se this! This bird seriously gives me the creeps. I think it's Snape's familiar, there is no other explanation. :)

Plot Bunny Love

Dear F-list, pls to check out the following comm!

The lovely mods say that they need more members before they unleash the first bunny, so get over there and join!


Happy Towel Day!

To honor the holiday, I'm bringing to work my old battered copy of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and the most disgusting towel I can find. If the lab supervisor gives me weird looks, I'll read Vogon poetry to her! 


Hi, am alive!

Really, I'm alive.

A somewhat boring summary of the lost month of AprilCollapse )

On another note... I know that mostly everyone on my F-list is a member, but I feel the need to pimp, in case a lost soul wanders this way from my archive accounts.

Go sign up at their May signups ! Be sure to check out the new rules!



Meet Ari and Dita, the newest members of our household.  They are two lovely, cuddly, playful ladies. The whole family is in love with them, and they are adapting very well to the new place, probably because they are together. Check out teh cuteness:

moar cuteness here...Collapse )


The weirdest male striptease ever...

I watched this on 'Bulgaria's Got Talent' on Monday. I hoped that someone would post it on youtube, and possibly with English subtitles, but no such luck. And I can't do it myself because I don't have a clue how. So, the link is to a Bulgarian site. Anyway, you don't really need to hear what the judges say, they basically go 'Wow, you're awesome, by all means you have a "Yes" Just click on the video and watch this dude break dance and strip... I've never seen anything like it!


Shiny Happy Day

I had an absolutely awesome, relaxed and all-around fantastic day. And when I came home, I had a shiny waiting for me! *grins* I love fandom! *smooches everyone*

TITLE: Green-Eyed Monster

read more...Collapse )


Movie rec

I just watched 'The Secret Of Kells', it was nominated for an Academy Award and hubby found it from somewhere because he works in animation and he was interested. It is incredibly beautiful and the music is amazing! Watch it if you can find it.


Little joys

The smut fairy decided to visit and I'm typing away like there's no tomorrow. That feels rather nice, because I have been using more Photoshop that Word lately. The kid is lurking around and asking what I'm doing. I feel so glad that she can't read English yet!

Also, I managed to outline my entire exchange fic and it seems that I'm halfway through. So barring a metor strike or an alien invasion, I should be done on time. *iz proud*


Happy birthday to voxangelus ! May the muse be with you!


Book shopping & Holiday

Today I bought two awesome children's books! I haven't been to my favourite bookstore in a while, and I discovered that now they stock most of Neil Gaiman's picture books. I wanted to buy all of them, but they are damn expensive, so I had to choose two.
Click to see my treasuresCollapse )

Another thing. Today is a sort of a holiday here in Bulgaria. We celebrate the approaching spring and we have a custom of exchanging small red-and-white decorations made from yarn with our loved ones. The red symbolizes life, and the white symbolizes purity. It is an old pagan custom, which has been around since at least the 6-th or 7-th century AD. I can't send you real ones, but here's a virtual one for everybody. Hugs and hood health to all of you!



This is the first time ever that I am a winner. EVER.

And I was so sure that I can't write Dramione. Here is the drabble in question:

TITLE: Echoes of the Past
WORD COUNT: 300, according to MS Word

Read more...Collapse )

Lucius Big Bang!!!

 Now this is going to be totally, absolutely awesome! Go and check it out!


Video Spam

One of the most ridiculous videos ever made, for your viewing pleasure. :) 

Fic: The Hazards of Movies Before Bedtime

The following story is a crack!fic of the worst kind. It will not make a bit of sense to anyone who hasn't watched 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' and therefore it contains spoilers for said movie. However, as I am having an exceptionally crappy day, I needed some laughs and I decided to finish it and post it.

Title: The Hazards of Movies Before Bedtime
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Severus, Hermione

Warnings: crack!fic, bad writing, crossover

read at your own riskCollapse )


Music Meme

Meme snagged from astopperindeath .
So go google the song that was number 1 on your birthday, then tell us what it was. video is a bonus.

I used the UK chart, because I felt like it, and here are the results: Frankie Goes To Hollywod-Relax! LOL, this is amazing, I love this song. It was banned by BBC on January 11 and it hit #1 just a day before my birthday. Awesome! *grins* Here's the vid, but it's the banned version with the BDSM gay club, so beware.

Some of my favourites from the following years:
1996-Babylon Zoo-Spaceman
1997-White Town-Your Woman


Yay, kitteh!

In all probability, I will be getting a cat in a few months. My loving, caring and in all-ways-amazing hubby will make my dream of a British Shorthair come true!
Probably we will get one of these :

I wanted a marble tabby, but they are too expensive.

The kittens aren't even born yet, and I can't stop bouncing. I'll probably drive the poor woman we're bying from totally crazy with phonecalls.


Feb. 2nd, 2010

I forgot to shamelessly show off my shiny for the last week of January on [info]dyno_drabbles.

TITLE: A Bit of Teasing
‘It’s easy, when you smile like that.'

read fluffy drabble hereCollapse )

Weird Art Thingy

I can't really draw, except flowers on my jeans and my bags. However, this needed to get out. It's based on a fic I'm writing and I wanted to save it until I started posting. However, knowing myself, that could take a decade and I decided to share. It's weird and quite ugly, but somehow drawing it made me feel better. :)


Hmmm... bad move?


This calendar is hanging on my wall right now-twelve months of excruciatingly yummy pictures of chocolate.

I'm starting to think I made a huge mistake when I bought it. *reaches for the box of chocolate mint truffles* Well, the scales will show...

The bunnies never sleep. They lurk.

It's not like I don't have things to write. I haven't updated 'Love is No Big Truth' in ages, my fic for this month's PPP is due on Friday, my lupinbigbang  fic is due in February. However, as I was looking at the prompts I scrapped for the sshg_exchange , one of them jumped up at me and met another idea which has been lurking at the back of my brain. Said meeting resulted in rabid mating of plot bunnies, and right now I'm 2000 words into a brand new fic, which is turning out quite dark and angsty. I'm scared that if I stop writing the whole thing will go away. My brain is a mess. Gah. Who needs sleep anyway?


Yay, I got a shiny for this week's prompt on [info]dyno_drabbles ! This month's theme is 'Rare Pairs'. Click below the pretty picture to read.

Patrolling The DungeonsCollapse )


Floo is so much easier...

I was hanging around  with hubby last night, drinking wine and playing darts. When we are feeling all giggly, we talk to each other in English. Yeah, I know we are weird. :)
At some point close to midnight we ran out of cigarettes and the shops were closed. His mum lives a couple of floors below us, so I told him, 'Floo down to your mum's and get some smokes from her.'
Hubby stared at me for a while. He is quite clueless about the Potterverse.
'Go get some smokes from your mum!'
He just continued to stare at me, until I realized what I had said. Of course, I meant 'Take the elevator down to your mum's.' but these days 'Floo' comes to my mind much more easily.
1. I spent way more time in my head, than I spend in the real world.
2. Hubby is going to have to learn some HP vocabulary...


Questions meme

Snagged from voxangelus  and corianderpie . I love doing memes while I drink my morning coffee. :)

read memeCollapse )


New boots! Yay!

I absolutely dread shopping for boots. Most of them seem to be made for stick figures, not for real people and in every shop I have to go through the explanation that yes, my ankles and my calves are thick. No, those won't fit me, I won't be able to zip them. Yes, I am sure.
This time, I managed to find my boots in the very first shop I entered. I am absolutely in love with them! *squee*
So here they are:


Merry Christmas (finally)

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a good time.
Gods, I can finally get a glass of wine and a smoke! The whole family was over for Christmas Eve dinner last night, which means cooking for eleven people. Then they came over again for Christmas Day lunch today. I can only say, thank God we have a dishwasher. I do love traditional foods, but right now I'll be the happiest person on Earth if I don't see or smell sauerkraut until next Christmas. I hope I will have some time to write before the whole thing starts again before New Year's Eve.
You may have passed on, but your music will live forever!


Nov. 23rd, 2009

Gosh, what a week! I should stop saying things like, 'I am going to finish this tomorrow!' because the world usually says back 'No, you are not!'
I had too many things to do and writing has been hell because my old friend tenovaginitis-of-the-right-wrist decided to show up. Typing with a brace on is totally unproductive; I believe I broke my personal record for number of typos in 1500 words. I was so tired yesterday that I fainted fell asleep at 7 PM and slept for twelve hours straight.
Anyway, things are looking up now, my eyes don't feel like they are going to explode anymore and my wrist is back to normal shape and lack of pain.
~~whining over~~

On the bright side, this month's ptterpr0nprmpts drabbles are up, and they are steaming hot! Go check them out and vote, vote, vote!


Beta needed *whine*

I give up. I need a beta.
I spend more time editing and agonizing over commas than I spend writing and polishing the actual content of a chapter. I give some of my stuff to a friend who knows English, but it's not her native language either and besides, she's underage. I can't give her NC-17 stuff to read and I'm fast approaching the moment when 'Love Is No Big Truth' will finally live up to its rating. Somehow I've managed posting on Ashwinder so far, but it's very draining. That's a part of the reason why I update so slowly; it takes me at least several days to find my mistakes and even then there are some left.
So if any of you guys have the time or inclination, or if you know someone who does, please let me know. I haven't been very active in the fandom and I don't know that many people, so I decided to ask here. I write slowly, so whoever does this won't be flooded.

Can't argue, that's me in a nutshell.

no good


Hermione Smut Exchange

no good

This year's exchange at hermione_smut is over!

Here is the master list

And here is my lovely banner!

Go ahead, read and smut up your life!

Nov. 1st, 2009

I just signed up for lupinbigbang . Check it out, people!


Happy Halloween!

Here's a nice creepy video for all of you. *hug* Have a scary Halloween, everyone!


My favourite bedroom song


It always gets me in a naughty mood...and the video...and Mike...and his voice... *drool*

Today was a great day for science!

Attention: this post is about me being a geek in other areas than fan fiction.
Everyone was busy somewhere else, so my supervisor and I got the lab all to ourselves. We stained some cells and I got to play with this baby: Nikon Eclipse Ti-U

It's one of the coolest fluorescent microscopes ever! I even have some pretty cell pictures, but I haven't figured out how to convert them to JPG yet. I did science! *squee*

Drabble madness

Now for a bit of self-pimping: again my drabble was runer-up for last week's dyno_drabbles prompt. So I have another shiny banner to keep the first one company.

A New PerspectiveCollapse )

Love Is No Big Truth chapter 16


Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to J. K. Rowling. I make no profit from this story.

Chapter 16: Temptation Waits

readCollapse )

Gah...that took so bloody long that I don't even know if anyone reads it anymore. I wanted to finish first everything that had a deadline and when I checked the last time I updated this, my eyes almost popped out. TWO MONTHS?! How? I know I've been wallowing in self-pity about my epic education fail, but two months is way too much. Anyway...I hope the next one won't take quite so much time.

My first banner!!! *faints*

OMG! *squee*  My drabble is runner-up in dyno_drabbles this week! The fic I voted for is first, so I'm quite happy with myself.

read Harry/Pansy fluff here...Collapse )

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